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Professional BIM Team in Dubai providing BIM services in UAE, Saudi Arabia & USA

Alroqi BIM Services

Are you looking for a professional BIM services provider for your construction project in Saudi Arabia or the UAE? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. At Tariq Al-Roqi, we strongly believe in offering the best-in-class BIM engineering services to a varied client base.

The range of BIM services that we offer entails structural BIM services, architectural BIM services, MEP BIM services, shop drawing through BIM, 4D Sequencing and visualization, and 5D Simulation.

Our Team:

Backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we have attained expertise in offering customized BIM support services. We work as a well-knit team to bring in tailored services to match your exact requirements.

Key Milestones:

Some of our milestones include working with Red Sea Development Company, where we took the complete responsibility to provide BIM services. The essential functions that we handled included coordination, shop drawings, and clash detection. In addition, we performed a 4D simulation of the project and the construction operations building information exchange while delivering the project’s asset data at project completion to the operator.

Our team follows the ISO19650 standards while developing world-class models adapting to client and project specific requirements.

Another client who got extremely satisfied with our BIM information modeling service is a UAE national for whom we designed a luxury private villa in Abu Dhabi. Our team managed everything from concept ideation to project completion with great expertise. The critical functions for this project that we handled include entire architecture, engineering, landscaping, and interior designing using building information modeling technology. We also catered to the project’s day-to-day construction management and quality control.


Why to go for BIM support services?

The BIM support services benefit different parties, including architects, designers, engineers, contractors, real-estate developers and project managers. Workflow optimization is the most significant return one can expect by investing in BIM development of any project size or budget. As most construction processes are time-consuming, it is a great approach to automate them instead of manually performing them. Getting support from experienced BIM support providers can assist in identifying gaps in construction methods and speeding up the entire process of multi-discipline coordination and hence design approvals. Another essential benefit of BIM engineering services that goes without mentioning is cost optimization. There are several evaluations that one needs to take from time to time in the construction domain. Having BIM support helps in efficient cost management and suggests options that won’t involve high expenditure.

If you want your Contracting or consultant business to scale new heights with minimum chances of risk, then it is high time that you get in touch with a credible BIM service provider. 

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